A remarkable Cistercian heritage with the abbeys of Pontigny and Reigny, the Grange de Beauvais or the Petit Pontigny, medieval villages, a multitude of churches and wash houses, that’s what awaits you, stones side, during your Escale Chablis!

Cistercian sites!

The Abbey of Reigny

The Abbey of Reigny was founded not long after 1104, attached to the Cistercian order in 1128 and transferred to its current location in 1124 by the abbot Étienne de Toucy, a Clairvaux monk under the authority of Saint Bernard. Located in impressive surroundings on the edge of the Parish, land of the Counts of Auxerre and Nevers, the abbey was once very powerful and prosperous.

Must-see: The exceptional 14thcentury Cistercian refectory, of which there are only three examples left in France, and 14thcentury pulpit.

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The Abbey of Pontigny

Founded in 1114, the Cistercian Abbey of Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Edme in Pontigny is the second daughter of Cîteaux. Its abbey church, built in the mid-12thcentury, is the largest Cistercian building preserved from the Middle Ages. The church is unique in both its size and architecture, with its early use of ribbed vaults in the nave. It bears witness to the transition from Romanesque to Gothic art; the latter beautifully illustrated by the construction of a new Gothic choir in around 1180. It houses the relics of Saint Edmond, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was buried there in 1240. A true place of serenity…

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The Barn of Beauvais

Pontigny Abbey had a significant land heritage, with much of it grouped into “cellars” (wine estates) and “granges” (farm buildings). These were inhabited and tended to by lay brothers. The “Grange de Beauvais” association is in charge of restoration and events.

A medieval-inspired garden and a vineyard conservatory are among the projects that it will soon launch.

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The cellar of the monks of Pontigny in Chablis

It is in this majestic place that the monks of Pontigny once raised their wines. Soon the City of wines, cultural site dedicated more specifically to the discovery of the wines of Chablis and Auxerrois will settle there.

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The tile factory Aléonard

In Pontigny the manufacture of tiles dates back to the 12th century with Cistercian monks. The Historical Monuments tile was born during the restoration of the Pontigny Abbey in the middle of the 20th century. The tilery Aléonard designs in collaboration with the Chief Architect of Historical Monuments, a thick tile reproducing identically the characteristics of the old roof … This will be the beginning of a specialization in the restoration of heritage, one highlights of the production of Aléonard.

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The Castle of Béru

Béru castle stands amongst the vineyards overlooking one of the most charming hillsides in the Chablis region. This residence, which can be found in records dating back to in the 13thcentury, was rebuilt in the 17thcentury and since 1627 has belonged to the Counts of Béru, who are still the owners of this estate.

The Castle underwent changes in the Renaissance and the 18th century. Here, you can see a rare 16thcentury sundial and mondial, a 13thcentury door and its tower, a 13thcentury dovecote with one thousand five hundred pigeonholes and 16thcentury cellars. In the middle of all this, you can find the unique “Béru Close”, an enclosure of historical walls erected in the 13thcentury.

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The historical circuit of the city of Chablis

Discover Chablis with its historic circuit marked on the ground. Take with you during your visit the guide “Once upon a time … the history of Chablis” and follow the arrow! You will discover the magnificent Collegiate Church of Saint-Martin (thirteenth century) whose southern door of Romanesque character is covered with a hundred horseshoes, you will learn that in 1478 was created in Chablis one of the first five French printing houses, you will visit the beautifully restored Synagogue and become a place of worship. You will learn that the Porte Noël takes its name from the mason who built it or that once the city counted twenty-nine towers, three draw bridges, three posterns …

For a complete visit, obtain the pass booklet at the Tourist Office.

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The medieval village of Cravant

Cravant, the first port of Yonne in the 14th century has a rich past. Stroll through the streets of this charming medieval city. You will discover the church of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul built on three periods (ninth, eleventh and sixteenth centuries), the Donjon  is the oldest fortified building of the village (late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries), the belfry and the laundry. Observe the halls built in the 15th century and imagine the swarming activity of the fairs and markets that were held there.

National Nature Reserve of the Park Wood

Classified as a national nature reserve, the reserve of the Wood Parc  offers a diversity of attractions, both in terms of flora, fauna and geology.
A trail of discovery allows you to discover all this exceptional diversity. The fossil quarry at the Wood Park is a treasure for geologists.
There are impressive colonies of fossilized corals.

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Ligny-le-Châtel: There are three wash houses at Ligny-le-Châtel but the most interesting and visitable is near the church of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul
Nitry: This wash with ovoid basin is located at the exit of Nitry towards Chablis.
Chablis: From the Tourist Office of Chablis, take the first street, which runs along the reach, right to find it. To better observe it cross the bridge next to the Tourist Office, down the small stairs and along the reach.
Carisey: The laundry is located “Place de la Fontaine”.
Beines: The wash house dates from the late nineteenth century and is located “rue de la Poterne”.
Courgis: The laundry is located below the village.
Vermenton: The laundry is located at the intersection between “Rue de la Fontaine” and “Rue du Flottage”.
Cravant: This washhouse is attached to the Donjon of Cravant next to the parking in the “rue du Donjon”.


Saint-Sébastien church in Villy
Saint-Pierre et Saint- Paul church in Ligny-le-Châtel
Saint-Pierre church in Venouse
Saint Georges church in Rouvray
Church of the Nativity of Notre Dame in Aigremont

Sainte- Claire church in Préhy
Saint-Aignan church in Poilly-sur-Serein

A little further…


Otherwise, choose Tonnerre and its medieval hospital complex (Hotel Dieu) or its mysterious Fosse Dionne.

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Make a detour to Auxerre and visit its historic city center, its half-timbered houses, its clock district or its beautiful Cathedral Saint-Etienne.

> Tourist office of Auxerre


Otherwise you can go to visit Noyers and its fortified gates which surrounds the city center, stroll in the paved streets to see its numerous houses in stone and half-timbering.

>Tourist office of Noyers


Or, come and discover Vézelay, its basilica classified world heritage at UNESCO and its village belonging to the “Most Beautiful Villages of France”.

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The Events

The Chablis Festival

This event is affiliated with the Musical Festival of Grands Crus of Burgundy and travels the villages of Chablis vineyards. Give yourself an exceptional moment and enjoy the rich and varied program of this festival. The concerts are followed by a tasting of Chablis wine.

FROM 07 TO 10 JULY 2019

Préhy, Chablis and Ligny-le-Châtel

Information and reservation:
Tourist Office Chablis, Cure & Yonne
Tel: +33 (0) 3 86 42 80 80

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Festival of Sacred Arts “The musical hours of Pontigny”

Enjoy the exceptional acoustics of the abbey at this great event!

JULY 20 TO 22

Abbey of Pontigny

Tel: +33 (0) 3 86 47 54 99

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The Four Seasons of Reigny Abbey

The Association of Friends of Abbey Reigny offers a new show each season around the following themes: theater, voice, jazz and classical.

Winter: Theater on JANUARY 14th / Spring: Concert on May 21st / Summer: Concert on JULY 29th / Autumn: Performance on OCTOBER 07th

Abbey of Reigny

Association of friends of Reigny Abbey

Tel: +33 (0) 3 86 81 59 30

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Guided visit

Setting Art

Art historian and guide-lecturer, Amandine Chevallier proposes among other things guided tours of our towns and villages (Chablis, Pontigny, Cravant, …).

32 grande rue, 89800 Beines
Tel: +33 (0) 6 86 22 30 02

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