In group …

The expression “the more the merrier” will it be verified?

First day

On the way to the Brocard domain at Préhy which has the distinction of being in the middle of vineyards. The planned activity is just as important since you chose to go to the discovery of the vineyard in Gyropode. These motorized, two-wheeled, stand-up vehicles are a good way out of traditional group tours. Terroir and history have never seemed so alive!

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After this walk you settle on the edge of Lake Beines, easily spotted from the road towards Auxerre. Here you can enjoy a delicious picnic with breathtaking views of the vineyards.

Afternoon dedicated to tasting but now Chablis is more famous for its wines. Through the MADDAM Brewery which has been awarded the title of Best Blonde in France in 2017, you discover 100% organic craft beers that are worth the detour!

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However Chablis is wine and a tasting is essential. It is S. Chablis that you choose to welcome you and offer you an introduction to oenology and tasting. You will learn how to taste a wine properly, the aromas, the flavors, … an art!

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Second day

Discover Vermenton. Start of the walk at the Island park at the entrance of the village. From islet to islet connected by small bridges you wander the time of a few moments in this space and flowers. Although swimming is forbidden because unmonitored, you can refresh you at the edge of the Cure before continuing your ride. Direction the village washhouse in very good state of conservation. We find there the white stones typical of Burgundy. Continuing a little bit in the street, you arrive at the marina where there is a summer and friendly atmosphere. The port serves as stage of the Canal du Nivernais and here cruise boaters and regulars of the canal. At the end of the port, you go under the bridge, a small path that runs along the river and finish your ride in a second park. This time its offers the opportunity to enjoy a good swim!

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To discover Burgundy gastronomy opt for the Hostellerie de la Fontaine in Accolay. Eggs in brine, paved with organic trout just a few miles away, or paved beef with Epoisse sauce (strong cheese sauce). The choice is difficult but your taste buds thank you.

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You are ready to begin your hiking around ten kilometers in the area of Bessy-sur-Cure. Leaving the church square, you begin your walk and quickly go through various landscapes, forests, fields, meadows or riverside. The opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and create good memories. Your walk ends with a return to the church. This is how your trip to Icaunais ends.

Gastronomy, nature and friendliness, that’s what you’ll remember!

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