With friends…

Nature activities and warm Burgundy will be at the appointment during your memorable stopover with friends!

First day

The appointment is made in the small village of Cravant at the Tourist Office located on the edge of the Nivernais Canal, where you can pick up your reserved bikes the day before. The ride can finally begin. Following the course of the canal, you cross villages as pleasant as each other: Sainte-Pallaye, Prégilbert, Trucy-sur-Yonne. But that’s what you then see that brings you to a break in your walk.

Your stop at Mailly-le-Château allows you to observe from its heights, its castle but also the panoramic view it offers on the Nivernais Canal and the river Yonne which runs along it. Your ride can resume. As tiredness begins to be felt for some you reach the goal of your getaway. The rock of Saussois is the witness of a well deserved break. As for you, you are witnesses of its majesty and the appeasement it provides.

On the way back, you have to make a stop at the bathing arranged and supervised of Mailly-la-Ville but do not hang out, a good meal typical Burgundy awaits you!

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On the way to Nitry, La Beursaudière, well known address of Icaunais. On the menu, traditional Burgundy dishes in an exceptional setting.

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Direction Chablis, a village known worldwide for the wines it produces. You will discover the Obédiencerie. The guided tour of this place steeped in history allows you to be unbeatable on Chablis wines. At the end of the visit you will taste the wines of Domaine Laroche of which the Obédiencerie is the property.

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This busy day in visual and taste discovery gives you a moment of free time quickly devoted to an application discovered earlier … the Geocaching! It works as a giant treasure hunt, which allows thanks to geolocation, find objects hidden around us by users! Thanks to it you will discover attractive places off the beaten track.

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To end this beautiful day, the restaurant Les Trois Bourgeons awaits you to meet again the Burgundy specialities on your plate.

End of the day, you can choose between several bed and breakfast including the Faubourg Saint-Pierre.

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Second day

After an invigorating night and breakfast you are back on the roads of Chablis! This time the visit will be by electric scooter with E-bike Winetours, which offers several circuits that goes through the different municipalities of the vineyard. This rather original roadtrip will allow you to discover the diversity of the panoramas, to find answers to the questions that you ask yourself about this particular wine and of course to appreciate it during a tasting at a winegrower.

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On the way to the Bistrot des Grands Crus a few steps from the city center of Chablis. You will enjoy the classics of local cuisine such as oeufs en meurette or Andouillette AAAAA.

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Leaving the restaurant, you notice on the ground small arrows adorned with a bunch of grapes which you decide to follow. Through this route you pass between the towers of the Porte Noël, you walk along the reach of the Serein, discover the laundry and the Collegiate Church of St. Martin. Your visit is interrupted by the desire to taste the delicious Duché biscuit typical of the village. It is the Pastry/Bakery Mickaël Body close to, that makes this little sweet and dry biscuit. In the shop next door, delicatessen Marc Colin, you notice the andouillette that you enjoyed so much at noon. Let yourself be tempted by the idea of bringing back from your stay!

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To finish your day leave in Auxerre to let off steam the time of a Laser Games part in a futuristic atmosphere. Why not, tomorrow, be charmed by the city center of Auxerre, its half-timbered houses and its many monuments?

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