Stop-off… Gourmet

Who says good wine, say good food! Nothing like a gourmet getaway to discover the culinary specialties of the region,
among our many friends restorers and local artisans.

First day

At the edge of a basin fed by a source you fish your own trout at the Aquaculture Farm of Crisenon. Rainbow, Fario, Fountain Trout are within range of your hook. A small tour at the shop where you can find canned trout raised on place and you make the 2 km that separate you from the Ladies’ lock.

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After the Parcabout, the comfort: at the Bistrot des Dames where a plate of regional cheeses and dishes based on local products are offered or – 10 minutes later – at the Hostellerie de la Fontaine, in Accolay, where your taste buds will be filled with this tempting card. We are really in Burgundy no doubt!

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After the meal, go to the vineyards of Chablis! at 2:30pm you have an appointment with a local guide. They are two to propose visits. You hesitated a long time between the visit in deuch’ or minibus … Two hours later you are incollables on the wines of Chablis. The 4 appellations have no secrets for you. And that’s good because after the theory, place to practice! At the heart of wine, E-bike Winetours or Chablis Vititours, you are spoiled for choice!

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You arrive at the wine shop. A real cave of Ali Baba! wines from Chablis, of course, but also wines from Yonne, Côte d’Or and … beer. You learn that we also produce beer in Chablis. Neither one nor two direction MADDAM brewery, on the outskirts of the city, where Alexis and Vianney welcome you. Beers and bottled, white, blonde or amber, they are 100% organic!

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The afternoon is coming to the end and it’s time to join the hotel. You set your heart on the Hostellerie des Clos in the heart of Chablis which also offers a SPA. Ideal to relax after this crazy day!

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It is 8pm when you leave the hotel direction the restaurant but the choice is difficult between the Fil du Zinc, the Bistrot des Grands Crus or Les Trois Bourgeons. These few minutes of walking make you feel better. You take the opportunity to stroll in front of Porte Noël near the town hall. The restaurant you have chosen is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. And what about the wine list? Unspeakable…

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Second day

Hiking in the vineyards? Cycling or jogging along the canal? You are spoiled for choice. A small detour on a market the time to buy something to picnic. Local honey, andouillettes of Chablis, Duché biscuits fill your haversack. But you’re missing cheese…

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This is very good, the cheese factory of Prés Coulons is actually on the market. The goat cheeses are really excellent. So you are ready.

Picnic areas are not missing. You choose that of Pontigny behind the Tourist Office and in front of the Abbey which you do not miss to visit. The plenitude that reigns you wins and it’s serene that you enjoy local products.

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With all this you’re almost late! Fortunately you only need a quarter of an hour to reach Méré and the Rabat farm. If you had been told that we were producing foie gras in the Yonne, we would not have believed it. And yet … foie gras, duck breast, terrines are all divine.

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