Stop-off… Wine

Chablis is wine! 4 appellations (Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premiers Crus, Chablis Grands Crus), 7 Grands Crus and a white wine known throughout the world which makes the reputation of this small town of 2,300 inhabitants for centuries.

5500 ha of vines planted in 20 communes (including Chablis), 260 000 hectoliters of wine produced each year (20% of Burgundy production!), wines exported to 70%. Here are some figures that make you dizzy!

First day

On board of the eight-seater air-conditioned minibus, Franck Chrétien a local guide, takes you to the vineyards and the cellars and explains with passion all the special features of the Chablis vineyards, the viticultural methods and the winemaking bases. Other offers can be found on its website.

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S.Chablis is an Oenobistrot where you can eat by tasting one of the many wines.

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Discovery of the vineyard aboard a bike or a scooter, both electric. With E-bike Winetours, on the program? The crossing of 7 Grands Crus and Premiers Crus such as Fourchaume, Beauroy or Vau de Vey.

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Take a break at Marguerite de Chablis. Local flavors will accompany your tasting: organic cold meats, cheese, smoked trout …

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Take possession of your room at the Hostellerie des Clos – 4 stars in the center of Chablis. Luxury and relaxation at the appointment.

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By foot walk the few tens of meters that separate you from the restaurant Au Fil du Zinc, where you will find a fabulous and remarkable wine list.

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Second day

View, nose, mouth, with the initiation to tasting by Au cœur du vin, these 3 senses (and the wines of Chablis!) will have no more secrets for you.

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With a lunch menu starting from € 11.50 and a typical Burgundy menu, come and enjoy a unique experience in the heart of the Chablis vineyards at the Bistrot des Grands Crus!

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Visit the Abbey of Pontigny, cradle of Chablis vineyards, accompanied by the guide Amandine Chevallier followed by a tasting at Domaine Angst.

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